Which are the top Online Gambling Sites

Every review websites have their own list of the top online casino, betting, bingo, poker sites. The list are usually different from site to site. So which ones are really the best? By what values can the fairest rank of Gambling Sites be possible? An attempt at balancing the merits of internet gambling sites – and the methods used by this site.

Most people would know that internet is a free portal that does have any censorship. A wealth of free information that was not available to common people before suddenly became accessible to anyone that wants it. It is the biggest library that the world has ever seen. As with anything, there is the bad part too. Anyone who wishes to publish his or her opinion, whether it is a fact or not, can do so easily. There is no judge or jury. The merits are in the eyes of the reader/ visitor.

So Which are the top online gambling sites?

So many reviews are published by online websites on the topic of the top online gambling sites. The ranking given by them vary a great deal. This is actually not that surprising as many, especially the commercial sites, will try to promote their partners or affiliates over the others. This is true for any kind of reviews or information of products or services on the web. So what criteria should one use to rank them in the fairest and most truthful way? We thought about this question and try answering it as best we could. In doing so, we are also announcing to our readers how we consider the merits of online casino, betting, poker, bingo sites on our site.

As mentioned before, majority of the rankings found on the web seems to be based on the business partnerships that exists between the review sites and those on the top or a spattering in the midst of their lists. Most readers would also understand that these are not necessarily based on the merits of the sites. So what constitutes the criteria for the best online sites?

Payout Percentages as a criteria

Online gambling and assurance organisations like eCogra.org review and publish periodical reports on payout percentages of some individual or group of gambling sites. This when used as the basis of rankings seemed to be one of the fairest ways to go about it. Yet the problem lies in the fact that many of the gambling houses use a few popular gambling softwares like playtech, microgaming, Netent etc. Therefore the reports though different for a specific period of time are more or less similar in the long run. It must be because many use the same software. That means the RNG or Random Number Generator algorithm would be the same. So this solely as the criteria is not that much useful in ranking gambling websites.

Moreover, games like betting, live casino, live bingo are played manually. As a result they have no payout percentages statistics.

User Feedback on the web as a criteria

Another way of ranking products or services is by looking at user reviews or comments. As we mentioned earlier, the nature of the web world itself is fraught with imperfections. Because of this the criticism or praise of a particular service on the numerous websites or blogs cannot be truly connoted with quality. Another fact is that most of the users of a product would not comment or blog about it, especially when they are content with the product/service. Another assumption is that the comments could be made by the companies themselves as a way of publicity, which many businesses on the net are known to do.

Popularity, memberships and rank as a criteria

To us at betathome.org.uk, this seemed to be the a good criteria for ranking the top online gambling sites. The main reasoning behind it is that the more the memberships of the site, the more people must have liked them. This is the most probable fairer indication of quality we can think of. This also did not come without question; no far from it. The big gambling houses who have more publicity funds. So they would certainly get more popularity and memberships compared to the smaller sites.

The measurement of web metrics taken from web traffic publishing companies like alexa.com are easy to obtain in public. The only problem concern the big casino houses where different parts of the games are hosted on a single domain. In those cases, the total value of traffic are the combination of say, casino, betting, bingo, poker etc. The individual share of the subdomains or games cannot be ascertained from the publicly available data.

Restricted Countries on the Players Residence

Every casino, betting, poker, bingo site has a set of restricted countries list from where play is not permitted. For a player residing in the USA for example, there are very few gambling sites that will accept them on their site. So, for them, the top gambling sites would be totally different from say a customer from UK who are permitted on all sites.

The Top online gambling site, for you

Taking all the above points into consideration, the top gaming sites would depend on the individual member. Some of the preferences for you may be gained from the points given below:

  • If you are looking to play online poker and online bingo, you may choose the site with the most members as this will give you an advantage.
  • If your play will be mostly done on online slot games, choose the casino site with the best payout percentages. You will find this by googling the casino name and “payout percentages”. Note that not all gambling sites have certified payout percentage statistics available.
  • If your preferences is to play live casino games like blackjack, roulette etc. you may enjoy the big sites with larger variants of the games.
  • If you are looking to bet mostly on Sports/Horses/financial etc. you might like the reputed, older betting sites which have many features like live streaming and premature cashouts.


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