How to win at betting

There are a number of ways to increase your chance of winning at betting. Let us look at the important tips and guidelines to achieve more wins at bets.

How to win at online betting

Among the different ways to gamble (viz. Casino, Poker, Bingo, Lotto etc.), betting must be and is one of the greatest chance in terms of the odds of a player winning. In Casino(except live casino games like roulette, card poker, blackjack etc), Bingo, Lotto etc. the house always wins. Of course an individual player can win big. But collectively, the players all taken together always loses. The odds are always stacked against the player from the start.

Example. In land-based slot machines, there is a computer program inside the machine which allocates random wins. That computer program is programmed to give out a certain percentages of money that is put in by the players. In one cycle (lets assume 100k spins) the program will be set to give out say 95% of its coins as wins. This percentages will never be more than 100%. That is why the machine will never lose in the long term.

In online casinos, the reputable gaming companies are usually audited by independent companies whose job it is to verify their casino programs, to see that they are fair. They will put out a report on what is called Payout Percentages. If you look at those reports from online casinos, they may range between say 92% to 99%, but never 100%. This means in the long run, they cannot lose. A certain player may win big, but the wins does not come from the House, but from other players. This is true of any computer controlled games. This is also true of games like bingo and lotto where the prizes are set so that the house has a cut.

The odds of winning in betting

In betting, whether it is done land-based or online, the house does not always win. Because there is no set computer programs that determines the win, the odds are truly random. Unless there is a case of match-fixing, there is no certainty in betting. This gives the bettor as much chance as the House in winning the bet. The odds are not “May the odds be ever in your favour” for either the House nor the punter. This is a much welcome truth in gambling.

How to win at Sports Betting

Do you play any sports? Are you a fan of one or multiple sports and follow them regularly? If yes, then you have a very fair chance of winning at sports betting. To explain further, lets take the case of football, English Premier League in particular. Everybody who follows the premier league will know that the top teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United are favoured to win most games against bottom team opponents.

Lets say there is an upcoming match of Man City against the current bottom table team Norwich. If you bet on Man City to win, the chances are maybe 80%. That is a very big chance when it comes to gambling. But not forgetting, you have a 20% chance on losing too. In such a game the odds maybe less than normal say 1.20. Yet, this still gives a  profit of £20 on a bet of £100. And that too with minimal risk. As with any other things in life, patience is the key.

There are many ways of betting too. One of the most rewarding and also the least odds of winning is the Accumulator Bets. In this type of betting, you have to guess multiple games correctly to win. You lose if one game loses. In a regular premier league week there are 20 games which includes all of the teams. Say in this week, you have the top 4 teams all playing the lesser teams. You can bet a 4 way accumulator bet for Man City, Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea to win. The betting odds might be say 3.70. That is a very good odds. You will get £370 by betting £100. And more often than not, you should win.

You might say, but I do not follow any game as such. No worries, you can still get in on the action. Lets again take our example of Premier League. There are many print media and tv programs that publishes football pundits prediction for the upcoming games. Just try and see the results of one week predictions. They usually even predict the goals to be scored in each games. The goals scoring may not come true, but stick to the wins, draw or lose predictions. You will find many of the predictions will indeed come true.

We took the example of EPL football. There are many games of football in different leagues and national competitions that there are multiple betting opportunities each single day of the year. And then there are numerous other sports. Then there is financial betting and many other forms of betting. With some prior knowledge of the betting area, you enhance the odds of winning the bet. Otherwise with research and work, you can also gain the knowledge of the betting avenue you choose.

There is also another way which in theory guarantees winning returns in betting. Go though our take on Arbitrage Betting.

If you are a beginner and concerned with risking too much, you can start by using free bets to start betting by consulting our Best Free Bet Offers. Or you can also practice with our list of completely free No Deposit Free Bets.



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