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Welcome to betathome.org.uk where we research, review and give information about online betting.

We give detailed information about betting sites – review of the bookmakers of sports, horse racing, financials etc., running promotions, terms and conditions, accepted/restricted countries or regions, advice about financial aspects.

We also review, list and advice on other betting channels like casino poker and bingo. You will find detailed hard to find info on the gambling houses, latest bonus offers and their terms.

Why we do what we do

We at betathome.org.uk aim to simplify relevant information on the topic of online betting, casino, poker, bingo, lottery and other allied internet gaming products. The information found on the websites of online gaming sites can be difficult and confusing to read and understand, especially when it comes to their terms and policies. Most players will waste a lot of time going through many legal terms & financial policy pages in order to find out what information applies to them. And indeed, some of the sites also contain seemingly contradictory policies on different sections of their sites. It is our objective, therefore, to co-relate those information in a precise and easy to understand form and then present them on a paragraph or a page include with those points that are directly relevant to the subject at hand. Our readers hence will not need to nose through boring multiple pages on the respective sites and start playing immediately.

To take one example, one site offers a bonus with a wagering requirement of 20 times written on the bonus offer page. Elsewhere in the General Terms and Conditions however, there is a clause that says all bonuses will carry a wagering requirement of 30 times bonus, and that this term will supercede any other terms given on the site. Imagine the surprise and frustration of the player who after wagering 20 times, tries to withdraw the winnings, only to find his balance cleared out for breaking the terms of the site.

In most of the offer of promotions in these gaming sites, offers are subject to 1) the specific promotional conditions given on the specific promotion page, 2) the General Promotional Terms and, 3) the General Terms & Conditions of the gaming site. These are all on separate pages of several lengthy legal documents. Our readers will find that we take the relevant points on all these pages and combine them into a precise couple of words, sentences or paragraph which is very easy to understand within a short time.

We also review specific sites or specific gaming topics in order to help the readers. We also do comparisons and give our opinions on these subjects without favour to no sites/gaming company.

We also provide additional related information

For the reader’s convenience you will also find betting news, sports headlines, betting tools like live betting calculators, Sports league/tournament tables, match results and upcoming fixtures etc.

We love interaction with our readers

We would always love your opinion on any topics covered or any comments, positive or negative about how we present our site. We would also invite your suggestions to cover certain information that you would like us to provide. We will be greatly excited about your feedback.

You can send us your comments or queries on the “Contact Us” page or email directly to the administrator at the address given below.


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